Going to work every day is one of those things that we have to do to make sure the bills are paid, and we have a roof over our head. As much as we dislike getting up in the morning and heading off to work, a work related injury really puts things into perspective when it comes to things we would rather avoid.  Regardless of whether you spend most of your time behind a desk all day or you are carrying heavy loads up ladders on a construction site, injuries are things that can, and do, happen. 

Types of Injuries

No matter how careful you are, an accident or just a moment of distraction can be dangerous. Serious trauma isn’t the only way you might find yourself injured on the job, and if you have been hurt, your livelihood might also be at stake. Not to mention your comfort of living for the rest of your life. Here are some ways you might have been injured on the job:

Back injuries: Improper lifting, twisting, or lifting without a brace over long durations, can cause wear and tear on your spine. Since your musculoskeletal system is supported by your spine in so many ways, a back injury can put you out of commission for a long time.

Joint injuries: Hyper extending your knees, elbows and other joints is common, especially if your job requires carrying loads over uneven terrain. Impacts and trauma to your joints can cause fractures which will lead to pain and limited functionality over time.

Slips and falls: These traumatic impacts to your body can result in various injuries throughout your body, from your neck and back, to your joints and other bones. The extent of the injury might not be obvious at first, so be sure to get checked out regardless of how much pain you might feel immediately after.

Fine motor use: Injuries can be more subtle, especially damage to nerves, ligaments, and other fine-motor use injuries such as carpal tunnel and “tennis elbow.” Just because these injuries occurred from behind a desk doesn’t make them any less painful. The damage done can be a life, long injury and leave you in a lot of pain if it isn’t addressed as soon as possible.

Dedicated to our Patients

At Missouri Orthopedics & Advanced Sports Medicine, we know that nobody ever asked to be injured, much less have the results of that injury dramatically change their lives. Our orthopedic physicians have the experience and ability to address your concerns. We work with your employer’s Workers Compensation insurance as well as many other insurers to take care of our patients and get them back into working shape.

If you have experienced a work related orthopedic injury, whether major or minor, contact us today and let us get you back on the road to recovery.