On Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021, Daniel Ponce de Leon, pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals, suffered a shoulder injury, barely weeks after he experienced a similar injury that kept him out of the game the previous month. According to CBS Sports, Ponce de Leon developed discomfort in his right shoulder while playing against the Detroit Tigers. He is expected to be out until July 5th. The 29-year-old, however, remains hopeful that he will be back on track soon.

What Causes Shoulder Injury?

A shoulder injury can result from excessive use of force, as seen during pitching, overhead motion, and weightlifting. Athletes are at risk of suffering bicep injuries and AC Joint separation injuries due to the level of activity involved during practice and the actual game. It is worth noting that a shoulder injury is an orthopedic injury that not only affects athletes, but everyone else, including children.

What Does a Shoulder Injury Entail?

A shoulder injury can occur during sports and other physical activity, or at home as you go about your daily routine. It can affect the tendons, soft tissues, and the shoulder muscles, making regular movements difficult when using your entire arm. You should seek immediate medical attention if the injury causes pain or inflammation, as delaying treatment can cause more harm.

Treatment Plans for Shoulder Injuries

Treatment varies depending on the part of the shoulder affected, as well as the type of injury. Just like other shoulder injuries, treatment of bicep injuries, AC joint separation injuries, and labral tears of the shoulder largely depend on the level of the injury. If the injury or pain is caused by arthritis, the treatment will depend on the type of arthritis.

Treatment plans include the use of medications to lessen symptoms and surgery. Physical therapy is another treatment option for issues like frozen shoulder and tendonitis. Some injuries may require arthroscopic surgery, especially if the injury involves a joint.

What’s next for Ponce de Leon?

Dealing with shoulder discomfort can be an uncomfortable experience. To allow his shoulder injury to heal properly, Ponce de Leon should take the maximum sick leave granted and give his shoulder time to recover, while also being careful not to overwork it. Since he suffered a minor injury, physical therapy may be a great treatment plan.

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