Participating in team or individual sports is an excellent way to help children learn to live an active and healthy lifestyle, and summer youth sports leagues offer kids and teens the opportunity to hone their skills while learning intangible life lessons. However, it is important to take steps to prevent injuries. Here are some of the most common summer youth sports injuries, as well as helpful tips for preventing them!

Common Summer Sports Injuries

Although injuries are possible in any sport, approximately 80 percent of injuries that require an emergency room visit occur in contact sports. This means that youth baseball, softball, and soccer tend to be among the most common summer leagues when it comes to injuries. Collisions can lead to concussions, broken bones, and related injuries, and players can also be injured by flying balls, bats, and other equipment. Tennis and volleyball can also cause joint injuries, although these tend to be less common than they are in contact sports.

Preventing Summer Sports Injuries

The possibility of an injury does not need to keep children and teens from experiencing the benefits of summer sports as long as players, parents, and coaches take proper safety precautions, as most types of injuries are at least somewhat preventable. Athletes should always make sure to warm up properly before games and practices, wear proper safety equipment that fits correctly, and follow sport-specific safety rules. Eating nutritious snacks and staying hydrated are also essential, especially on game days, as is always being aware of their surroundings to minimize collisions and avoid being hit by flying equipment.

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