Before buying equipment for any work, you want to consider quality factors like effectiveness, durability and safety. Similarly, when choosing a pair of shoes for an activity, you should consider their suitability for what you are about to do. Here are some tips from our experienced team at Missouri Orthopedics & Advanced Sports Medicine on finding the right shoes for your activity.

Why does the correct shoe matter?

  • Comfort — No matter what you’re doing, shoes should be comfortable on your feet. You should not wear oversized shoes or force your feet into shoes that are too small. Wearing shoes that fit not only provides stability but will help you avoid blisters as well.
  • Performance — Different activities require different types of shoes for effective performance. For example, you cannot play soccer properly with basketball shoes. This is because soccer shoes are designed to enhance shooting, passing, ball control and stability on the playing surface, which can sometimes be slippery. Basketball shoes are not designed for these activities.
  • To avoid orthopedic injuries — Orthopedic injuries can occur when engaging in sports or exercise. Most common orthopedic injuries include fractures, ligament injuries, joint dislocations, pulled muscles, tendon issues and overuse problems. Wearing the right shoe limits these injuries by reducing the impact on your feet.

How long should your shoes last?

Having shoes that are in good condition is important to your overall foot health. The durability of your shoes will depend on the quality and how often you wear them. For instance, if regularly used, running shoes should be replaced after every 300 to 500 miles.

Even good shoes can end up resulting in injuries if they’ve been used too much. How can you tell when your shoes’ supportive benefits have worn out?

  • Outsole wear
  • Midsole compression reduces comfort
  • Upper wear
  • Interior wear

Prevention is the best way to stay healthy, but if an orthopedic problem does occur, Missouri Orthopedics and Advanced Sports Medicine is here to help. Through our wide variety of orthopedic surgeries and procedures, we can relieve your pain and help you get your mobility back so you can continue to enjoy your normal activities. If you’re currently experiencing an injury or pain don’t let it ruin your life, contact us today.