A bone dislocation is a relatively common type of bone injury that is often easily treated. Our experts at Missouri Orthopedics & Advanced Sports Medicine put together this guide to help you understand bone dislocations.

What is a bone dislocation?

A bone dislocation is a type of injury that occurs when a bone is knocked out of its normal position within a joint. Bones may be partially or completely dislocated, and both types of dislocations typically result in severe pain and swelling. A medical professional will generally need to put the bone back where it belongs to avoid further injury and ensure proper healing.

Common causes of dislocations

Dislocations are typically caused by a significant hit to a particular joint, and a bone may also be pulled from a joint. While this type of trauma may come from a variety of injuries, some of the most common causes include car accidents, sports injuries and falls.

Bones and joints that frequently become dislocated

Although many bones and joints can become dislocated, larger ones are often easier to knock out of place and contribute to more frequent dislocations than smaller ones. Shoulder and elbow injuries tend to be the most common sources of dislocations, and dislocated thumb and finger bones are also common. Knees, hips and other joints may also become dislocated, although these injuries are somewhat less common.

Dislocation diagnosis, treatment and recovery process

A medical professional will typically be able to put the bone back where it belongs, although surgery may be needed to get more severely dislocated bones back in place. Medications may help minimize pain and swelling during the recovery process. Getting plenty of rest can be an essential step in speeding up the healing process.

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