Ankle injuries can be overwhelming in and of themselves, and the thought of having to undergo surgery can put on added stress that you don’t need. Thankfully, as technology has improved over the years, orthopedic surgeons now have the capabilities of doing arthroscopic surgeries. These types of surgeries are minimally invasive and involve an endoscope to perform and examine the joint more clearly, allowing for precise treatment, shorter recovery time, and less stress on the patient.

When is Ankle Arthroscopic Surgery used?

Prior to an ankle arthroscopy, or any surgery, our orthopedic surgeons will have a consultation with you to discuss and diagnose your symptoms to see if you are a candidate. Not all ankle injuries are treated with arthroscopy surgery, but the following conditions will be considered:

  • Undiagnosed ankle pain
  • Loose bone
  • Inflammation in the ankle
  • Cartilage damage
  • Tendon damage


Once in the operating room, your surgeon begins by exposing, sterilizing, and marking the operative leg pre-surgery where you’ll also be prepped for the anesthesia and surgery. A tube is then placed in your throat to help with breathing depending on the anesthesia used.

As soon as you fall asleep, the ankle is numbed with a regional anesthetic block. Small incisions are then made for small tubes. These small tubes are placed in different areas around your ankle for the camera and instruments. After the procedure is complete, the instruments are removed and the incisions are stitched up.


After the surgical procedure, you’ll be taken to the recovery room for monitoring as there will be some pain and swelling. Every patient’s recovery time is different depending on the extent of their ankle injury. However, most patients can leave the hospital hours after the procedure and are able to go back to normal activities a few days after that.

While at home, it is important to keep your ankle elevated to minimize swelling and you’ll be given medication to control the pain. Once you leave the hospital, your surgeon will give you rehabilitation instructions that you should follow. If sutures were used, they’ll be removed after two weeks.

At Missouri Orthopedics and Advanced Sports Medicine, we provide arthroscopic surgery to alleviate your pain and discomfort due to an injury. To determine if you need to undergo surgery, contact us for an appointment today!