Winter’s cold takes a toll on the muscles

Stay healthy this winter with proper warm-up exercise techniques

What do you do when you’re cold? You “warm up” with either a blanket, a hot shower, a fire or warmer clothes like sweatpants. So what should you do before a physical activity, especially in the wintertime? You should “warm up” your muscles by stretching.

Last January, asked “do your muscles hurt more when it’s cold outside?” It’s really up to you to decide the answer to that question, but the article’s author, Amber Greviskes of, discovered some key information to this question.

Obviously your muscles lose more heat and will contract when there are colder temperatures. This causes tightness. As noted by to Vivian Eisenstadt, an orthopedic physical therapist, your muscles can lose their range of motion and nerves can be easily pinched.

All of this makes your muscles work much harder than they would in a warmer climate. So how do you counteract this change? Warm up a little longer than usual.

As noted by Amy McDowell in the article, it is normal to feel muscle soreness for a few days after exercise, but you may need to warm up longer if you feel sorer in the winter than the rest of the year.

When the temperature is between 35 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit, you should warm up for 10 minutes and an extra five minutes for each 10-degree drop below 35.

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