Are you staying safe at work?

Missouri Orthopedics & Advanced Sports Medicine offers tips to stay safe at work.

Injuries are never good, especially when they can be avoided. Often times, injuries in the workplace are avoidable if proper consideration has been taken by the worker and his/her employer.

No one wants to miss work because missing work means missing money. As noted by, workers have a responsibility to take reasonable care of their own health and safety.

NTWorkSafe provides a quality list of safety tips for workers to use in their workplace:

  • Pay attention to any training you receive, including your workplace induction training.
  • Know the health and safety procedures in your workplace, including emergency procedures.
  • Always follow the health and safety procedures in your workplace.
  • Ask for training when you are doing a new task or using/operating new tools or machinery.
  • Asked to be supervised to make sure you are doing to the job correctly.

Be sure to check out NTWorkSafe to learn more work safety tips to use. also has a great list of “The Golden Rules of Occupational Safety.” Their tips include following the proper procedure on using equipment as well as following the proper traffic laws inside and outside of work zone sites. Also, be sure to read the user manual before operating any equipment.

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