Stay safe on the slopes this winter

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It’s difficult to be active during the winter if you hate the cold, but those who don’t mind the chill in the air often find refuge on the ski slopes where injuries on slick surfaces and choppy areas are common.

The following is a list of common skiing injuries and prevention tips:

According to, the most common skiing injury is a damaged ACL. This happens by twisting your knee such as when skiers squat, extend their uphill arm behind them and place their weight on the inside edge of the downhill ski. Skiers can avoid this injury by squatting to keep from falling, quickly pulling the skis together, flexing your knees and extending their arms in front of them.

Twelve percent of skiing injuries are a damaged MCL. It can happen when you fall forward and catch the ski tip’s inside edge which puts stress on your knee’s MCL. You can avoid it by making sure your bindings work. You can have a ski mechanic do a release check by following the American Society for Testing and Materials standards.

Another common injury is known as “skier’s thumb.” This happens when a skier grips their pole as they fall and drive their thumb into the snow or against the strap. Doctors urge skiers not to slip their wrists through the strap if a pole as one on it.

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