Prevent Golf Injuries

Injury Prevention, MO Orthopedics, Orthopedic Doctors in MO, Golf TipsGolf is a favorite sport among many, but alongside the fun and athletic comes injuries. Some golfers acquire injuries from golfing due to poor swing techniques and poor conditioning. Overuse of your arms can also lead to problems, although this is most often found in professional golfers. Check out our helpful tips below to keep you on the course longer.

  1. Golf Swings: Be sure to rotate the hips and shoulders together, and try to avoid bending or hyperextending the spine. Always use the appropriate golfing equipment for your skill level and size. If you are not sure what the proper swing is, we recommend taking a class or two from an instructor.
  2. Golf conditioning:  Conditioning for any sport should always include a warm up and stretching. To improve your overall endurance on the course, flexibility should be worked on. Your core muscles, such as your stomach and spine, are important parts of your body that should be strengthened to help with injury prevention.
A proper warm-up before playing golf should include light exercise to loosen the body, such as a brisk walk or slight jog. Be sure to keep in mind when stretching to include the neck, shoulder, trunk and legs.
By staying fit and swinging properly you can enjoy golf for many years, without too many office visits in our office. However, the staff at Missouri Orthopedics always here for you!