Off Season Training

Sports Training Off Season

For all athletes, it is imperative to your skill level to stay active even when your sport is not in season. Training is a part of being an athlete as all who are involved in sports know. This time is used to build your muscles up and get better at the game while not having to actually perform the game. You get to perform individual exercises that build up your intensity, frequency, and duration.

As with any workout routine you need to be sure that you are exercising with the utmost safety. Although you may want to push yourself during the off season so that you do not get out of shape. Using these basic workout tips will help you avoid an injury that will set you back much further than becoming out of shape would.

  1. Use the right kind of equipment
  2. Utilize a trainer. They can tell you the right workouts that will target your weaknesses or the things you want to improve.
  3. Always warm up & stretch.
  4. Move through the full range of motion during each rep. Don’t rush it!
  5. Drink water.
  6. Cool down.
  7. Rest