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Joint Replacement

When you have experienced discomfort and pain in your joints, knees, elbows, hips or shoulders for a long period of time and you can’t handle the pain from rubbing joints any longer, you are looking for long term relief from the pain. This is when your doctor should recommend Total Joint Replacement. This surgery removes the damaged or arthritic joint, and replaces it with an artificial joint, prosthesis.

Joints occur at the location where bones are connected. They allow movement of the bones and are connected by thick tissue at the end of two or more bones.

Anybody is susceptible to arthritis or other joint complications that require joint replacement and men and women over the age of 40 tend to be more at risk for these complications. The people who suffer most from joint problems tend to be those who make daily repetitive motions with their joints, such as those who work in construction or. The joint pain could also come from diseases, injuries, arthritis or wear-and-tear of the joint over time. A joint replacement alleviates pain, stiffness and swelling.
To determine whether or not a total joint replacement is the right choice for you, your doctor may put a small, lighted tube called an arthroscope, into your joint to look for damage. Or they may want to obtain a small sample of your damaged tissue.

Each surgery is different; how long the surgery is depends on the severity of the damaged tissue which will also determine how the surgery will be carried out. We know that this is a surgery that is bound to make some of our patients anxious, but trust that Dr. Irvine will perform your surgery in a skilled, specific way to ease your pain.