Decorate Safely This Holiday Season

Decorating your home both inside and out is a tradition most families partake in each year. We want to make sure you are keeping your home safe as Christmas lights and other decoration may be harmful if not displayed correctly.

Pile of packages by Christmas tree

Did you know? Dry trees are highly flammable

Here are some tips from our staff:

  • If you plan to purchase and/or cut down a fresh fir treet his year, make sure to check for hard-to-pull-off needles that don’t break. Also make sure the botton of the tree is sticky and doesn’t shed needles.
  • Keep your tree away from a direct heating source such as a fireplace, radiator or space heater.
  • Place the tree in a strategic place in the room where it is not blocking a doorway and won’t get knocked over. Prevention of home damage is key!
  • Only use decorative lights as advised on the box. For example, do not use outdoor lights inside your home. Make sure that your outdoor lights plugged into a GFCI protected outlet.
  • Check each light set regardless if it’s new or old for broken or cracked sockets, frayed or bare wires and loose connections and discard any lights that are damaged.
  • Don’t light Christmas candles in your home where you can’t keep an eye on them. .