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One of the largest workout trends to come up in the last couple of years is CrossFit. It is a high intensity workout that works to enhance fitness in areas such as cardio, strength, stamina, power, speed, flexibility, accuracy, balance, coordination, & agility.  In CrossFit you have a coach & a team and you basically change your entire lifestyle. It is all designed to make you get the most out of your workout. While this craze has attracted many enthusiasts, it has also attracted critics. These critics claim that CrossFit is a dangerous sport & that serious injuries occur from the sport.

The biggest concern about it being a dangerous sport can be combated by simply stating that any sport in which someone is inexperienced in can be dangerous. It is simply in how you approach the sport. CrossFit in itself is not dangerous. The sport does not cause injury, the person causes the injury. It’s the way people perform the activity. In any physical activity you should listen to what your body is saying. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t right. You have a coach. Use him or her. Let them teach you the correct form & learn what is too much for you.

If you’ve been wanting to try CrossFit but have been scared away by these reports of it being dangerous, do not be deterred. Educate yourself. Make yourself an expert on the technique behind what you’re doing. Do it right & there’s no reason you cannot use the CrossFit tools to change your life.