Common Swimming Injuries

Prevention tips for swimmers from Dr. Irvine

We are in the midst of the summer season, and one of the most popular summer activities is swimming. You do not have to be a professional swimmer to get a swimming injury, they can happen to anyone at anytime. However, elite swimmers who train more than five miles per day may experience more than others: joint pain, shoulder pain or discomfort, hip or back pain from rotation & even your knees may experience injury.
You may be wondering what causes swimming injuries exactly, since swimming is considered a low-impact fitness activity, Dr. Irvine is here to help you prevent some of the most common swimming injuries to keep you safe this summer and even into the swim season this school year.

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This may include rotator cuff, shoulder blade or even scapula, biceps tendinitis all which could cause stress surrounding your shoulder joint(s).

Knees, Hips, Back

This may include tendon & ligament damage. Those who breaststroke often may experience hip pain from hip tendon inflammation.

Prevention Tips

  • For elite swimmers: know the proper techniques to swimming.
  • If you are feeling pain or discomfort during swimming, tell someone immediately, whether a parent or your swim coach.
  • Make sure to get enough rest in between long periods of swimming to allow enough recovery time.
  • Perform core strengthening techniques for pre and early season routines.
  • If you have serious concerns, pains or aches consult with Dr. Irvine to help prevent any further or serious injuries.