Cards Pitcher Joe Kelly: Hamstring Injury

St. Louis Cardinals Pitcher, Joe Kelly, and his hamstring injury

Cards righthander, Joe Kelly, has advanced in his healing from a torn hamstring that the team & fans could see him back in the majors just shortly before the All-Star break.

Kelly’s injury proved more severe than the pitcher and the club expected, and the extent of the injury revealed itself after he attempted to a throw a bullpen session back in the first week of May. He said “But it doesn’t hurt. I’ve continued to do stretching exercises and strength training, taking therapy and just doing what they tell me to do. I don’t know when they’ll have me throw off the mound or when I’ll be back.”

Manager Mike Matheny said the role available for Kelly will help determine his length of his eventual rehab assignment. “You don’t see him out here doing too much except playing some catch. Sounds like his arm has been able to stay strong. He’s still doing all the workouts he used to do. It’s going as expected which is – we don’t know. When it comes to hamstrings, you push it a little and wait to see how it responds.”

Kelly said there has been no discussion about what happens when he returns. “They haven’t said anything to me yet,” he said. “I’m not worried about it. I’ll do whatever they say.”

Although he was eligible to come off the disabled list on June 8, he obviously has not been able to return that fast. And, because of the length of time he will have missed when he does return, it is likely the Cards will send him out for at least some rehabilitation work in the minors.

“We’ll deal with that situation when that time comes,” Matheny said. “It’s hard to imagine what the role is going forward. We have a long way to go before we get to that.”