Beating The Summer Heat

Senior man in gym wearing knee strap, holding knee, close-up

As summer time begins to roll in with the summer heat, make sure you are taking extra precaution to stay safe! Remember, if you get hurt on the job, Dr. Irvine is here to help you recover.

We offer services in:

Shoulder: Arthritis (grinding/clicking), Fractures (swelling/pain), Tears (loss of strength/pain in bicep)

Elbow: Arthritis (limited motion/pain with motion), Fractures (swilling/clicking), Tears (popping, loss of strength)

Wrist: Arthritis (locking/stiffness), Fractures (loss of motion/possible deformity), Tears (popping/loss of grip strength)

Knee: Arthritis (loss of motion/locking) Fractures (Swelling/possible deformity), Tears (Inability to straighten leg/swelling)

Feet and Ankles: Arthritis (loss of strength/locking/loss of motion/grinding sensation), Fractures (loss of motion/swelling/bruising), Tears (loss of motion/sensation of “being kicked”/Severe Pain/inability to bear weight)