Beat Cold Weather Injuries

With the weather hitting colder temps in Missouri, we wanted to share some common cold weather injuries and how you can make sure you are protected.

Common Cold Injuries

Your health matters in the winter, too!

Some common cold weather injuries may include:

  1. Hypothermia – this occurs when your body temp reaches below 95 degrees F.
  2. Frostbite – this occurs when your tissue temp reaches below 30 degrees F.
  3. Immersion Foot – this occurs when your feet are exposed to cold temps > 12 hours.
  4. Non-Freezing Cold Injury – classified pending the stage & symptoms of recovery.

Hypothermia can occur when more heat is lost from your body that produced. Such as swimming in cold water, being outside in cold weather for long periods of time, etc. You may experience shivering, mumbling, confusion, sleepiness & more.

Frostbite can occur when you are exposed to freezing temps causing the tissue of your skin to freeze or fall below temperature.This can include your fingers, toes, ears & other facial parts. You may experience numbness, tingling, blistering & significant pain.

Immersion Foot is also known as trench foot occurs often in those who experience wet & cold feet for a prolonged time. Oftentimes you will experience swelling, redness, aches and pains accompanied by bleeding; although bleeding may not always be present.

Non-Freezing Cold Injuries are most commonly known for chilblain injury which is when 1.5 hours pass in cold-wet conditions in temps below 50 degrees F. You may experience itch, swollen skin or darkening of the skin & hot when touched.