Avoiding Girls Youth Injuries With St. Louis Area Summer Sports Camps

Did you know that Title IX, the legislation that dramatically increased girls participation in sports and academics, turns forty-four this year? It’s hard to imagine forty-four years ago only 1 in 27 girls played a sport; but, that percentage soared to 1 in 2.5 by 2012, according to the St. Louis American. Most people know that the regional website Saintlouis.kidsoutandabout.com lists opportunities for kids to have fun and get fit at summer sports camps, but some are unaware how physical sports even helps to improve girls’ health and to avoid girls’ youth injuries.

Mental Health

Physical exercise in sports camps helps girls do better in school, aiding learning, memory, and concentration. Studies widely associate regular physical exercise with improved classroom performance from kindergarten to fourth grade. Active girls have an edge in school beginning at a young age and continuing beyond high school.

Just as important as academic success are the psychological and sociological benefits. Those released endorphin’s go a long way to reducing stress and symptoms of anxiety and depression, liberating girls to explore the world.

Of course, everyone knows the social benefits, where girls enjoy making and being with friends, and where sports promotes girls’ self-esteem, but sports also develop leadership skills and the ability to set goals. Sporting camps help strengthen character.

Physical Health

It might surprise you to know that exercise is the least expensive way to help a girl remain healthy. Participation strengthens bones, increases flexibility, strengthens muscles, aids joints, and helps to reduce body fat. It also helps to ward off disease, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, in the future. Sporting camps in the St. Louis area keep kids active for appropriate stretches of time, to maximize physical benefits.

In an era when casual and creative play has diminished and when girls still do not fully participate in sports equally, Missouri Orthopedics and Advanced Sports Medicine offers a wide range of orthopedic care for all kids. Remember, girls, like boys, feel proud of their accomplishments, so help them get out and enjoy summer sports!