Athletic Nutrients

Nutrition- Healthy Choices For Sports

Anyone who is into sports or physical activity knows how important your diet is in order to stay healthy & able bodied enough to perform your sport. Physical activity taps into your body’s stores of minerals & this takes away from some essentials your body needs.

Many times, if your body is missing some of the things that makes it function properly, you could end up injured. Here are 5 things that you should be conscious of trying to consume so that your body stays at its peak of performance so you do not have to face injury.

1. Sodium

We’re starting off with a surprising one here. Sodium is usually a word that people want to avoid especially in active & healthy circles. If you sweat out all the sodium in your body, however, you could be at risk to experience heat cramps or even hyponatremia which could, in extreme occasions, be fatal. If you are into long sessions of sweat inducing fitness them you should bring Gatorade, pretzels or other foods high on sodium to your workouts.

2. Iron

Did you know working out for one hour could take 5.7% of your iron levels? Losing too much of this can result in iron-deficiency anemia since iron helps oxygen go to your muscle. This will cause fatigue during your workouts so you should introduce more iron into your diet with eggs, spinach, broccoli, or beef.

3. Vitamin B

The B vitamin micro nutrients are used to convert sugars & proteins into energy. They are also used to produce red blood cells which carry oxygen to your muscles. Increase your intake of peanuts, black beans, or tuna to get your energy levels up & power though until the end of that workout.

4. Vitamin C

Now that it’s getting colder outside you may notice it’s harder to breathe when you are working out. Eating produce such as oranges, grapefruits, or bell peppers can increase your levels of Vitamin C which will take your shortness of breathe and/or coughing to a minimum.

5. Potassium

This along with sodium works to make your muscles & nerves work correctly. This is why you will often see runners eating bananas after a race. eating Bananas, avocados, & sweet potatoes is a great way to be sure you won’t get cramps or be lying in bed sore for days after a tough workout.